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Kinetics of batch fermentation of rhamnolipid by pseudomonas aeruginosa M14808


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Kinetics of batch fermentation of rhamnolipid by pseudomonas aeruginosa M14808
Zhao JianfengXin XingWei PeipeiJiang BoYang Shulin
School of Environmental and Biological Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210014,China
pseudomonas aeruginosa rhanmolipid batch fermentation kinetics
The batch fermentation kinetics of the rhamnolipid produced by the pseudomonas aeruginosa M14808 is studied here.Through the optimal parameters estimation and the nonlinear fitting method,series of kinetic models are proposed by using the Logistic equation for the cell growth,the Luedeking-Piret equation for the rhanmolipid production,and the Luedeking-Piret/like equation for the substrate consumption.The calculation results of models are compared with the experimental data.The results show that the experiment and model values are in good agreement,the model appeares to provide a reasonable description for the batch fermentation process,and the production of rhanmolipid is partially growth-associated.


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