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Position control method for uncertainty manipulators based on implicit Lyapunov function


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Position control method for uncertainty manipulators based on implicit Lyapunov function
Guo YufeiHou Baolin
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
Lyapunov function uncertainty manipulators position control
To solve the precise position control problem of uncertainty manipulators with disturbances due to the bases,the application of a feedback control algorithm based on the second Lagrange equation and implicit Lyapunov function to this kind of manipulators is studied.A dynamic model with Lagrange form of an experimental manipulator with random vibrational base is built.The part about installation base of the equation is treated and regarded as an uncertainty external disturbance.The system uncertainty comes from the random exciting force of the installation base.On the assumption that the perturbation and control forces are bounded in norm,a feedback control algorithm is presented with the generalized coordinates of the Lagrange equation as state variables.Numerical solution of the equations is obtained by alternate iteration of Newton method and Runge-Kutta method.The results show that the designed controller can reduce disturbances due to the base effectively,bring the manipulator from a given initial state to a prescribed terminal state in finite time,and has good robustness.


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