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Gaussian filtering method for roundness measurement signals based on rational approximation


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Gaussian filtering method for roundness measurement signals based on rational approximation
Xu Jingbo12Yuan Yibao3Nie Jiali4Cui Xiaomeng12Wang Sheng12
1.College of Measure-control Technology and Communication Engineering,Harbin University of Science and Technology,Harbin 150080,China; 2.The Higher Educational Key Laboratory for Measuring and Control Technology and Instrumentations of Heilongjiang Provin
rational approximation roundness measurement Gaussian filtering zero phase shifting
To eliminate the influences of signals such as vibration noises of roundness measurement,a Gaussian filter is taken as the measurement signal processing filter,and a new implement method for Gaussian filter is provided.A rational fraction approximation model is established based on the rational interpolation approximation.The corresponding parameters are calculated by matrix operation and an approximation filter of Gaussian filter is concluded.The maximum amplitude error of the ideal Gaussian filter and its approximation filter is less than 1% and the maximum amplitude error in the cutoff undulations is less than 2‰.A zero phase shift digital filter is concluded through the forward difference transform and backward difference transform.The corresponding digital filtering algorithm has the simple structure of one cascade zero phase shift filtering and high computing efficiency.The edge effect of digital filters is solved through the cycle continuation of roundness measurement signals.


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