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Rigid-flexible coupling modeling of abdominal shell-swinging mechanism and shell-swinging error analysis


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Rigid-flexible coupling modeling of abdominal shell-swinging mechanism and shell-swinging error analysis
Hu Shenghai1Gu Qingbo2Peng Haochen1Ye Xiaohong1
1.College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering,Harbin Engineering University,Harbin 150001,China; 2.Beijing Institute of Spacecraft System Engineering,Beijing 100094,China
abdominal shell-feeding rigid-flexible coupling shell-swinging error flexible shell-swinging arm finite element discrete
To change the complex shell-feeding mode of traditional large caliber naval gun flanking paths,an abdominal shell-feeding method using the center single line shell-swinging mechanism is proposed.The abdominal shell-swinging mechanism under the rigid assumption conditions is analyzed with the inertia equivalence method,and the initial dynamic parameters of the shell-swinging are obtained.Based on the first-order approximation theory,the abdominal shell-swinging arm is divided into several elements using the consistent quality finite element discrete method.The deformation filed and motion relations of the flexible shell-swinging arm are described jointly using the arc and Cartesian coordinate components.The rigid-flexible coupling dynamics equation of the abdominal shell-swinging mechanism is established utilizing the Hamilton principle.The numerical simulations show that the abdominal shell-swinging mechanism with high firing rate and big swing angle has larger shell-swinging error.The affection of the flexibility deformation of shell-swinging arm on the shell-swinging accuracy should be considered in the research of abdominal shell-feeding system.


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