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Optimization design for crashworthiness of bumper system based on response surface methodology


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Optimization design for crashworthiness of bumper system based on response surface methodology
Wang Xianhui1Zhang Kun2Lu Xianfeng1Wu Xu1Wei Ran1
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.Automobile Engineering Research Institute,Shanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Co.,Ltd.,Xi'an 710200,China
response surface methodology bumper systems crashworthiness finite element method least square method sequential quadratic programming method
In order to improve the crashworthiness of a bumper system,an optimization design method is proposed here.Design points are selected according to an experimental design scheme with rotatable quadratic regression composition,and experimental data are obtained from these selected design points by using the least square method.The high-accuracy response surfaces of the rigid plates'maximum displacement,crash peak forces and total masses are built by using the finite element method.Taking the range of components'thickness,safety and requirement of light weight into consideration,the sequential quadratic programming method is used to optimize these response surfaces,producing a group of optimal values.The results show that only 17 runs are needed and the relative error is within 5%.


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