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Correction method of axisymmetric flow field projection in emission computerized tomography


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Correction method of axisymmetric flow field projection in emission computerized tomography
Guo ZhenyanSong YangLi ZhenhuaHe Anzhi
School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
emission computerized tomography axisymmetric flow field projection correction Radon transform
In order to diagnose the axisymmetric flow field more accurately,a new method to correct the axisymmetric flow field projection in emission computerized tomography is proposed here.This method can find out the symmetry axis of the oblique projection automatically by Radon transform.After correcting the projection,the data perpendicular to the axis of symmetry are chosen as the section projection for reconstruction.This projection corrected method is verified by numerical simulation and the reconstruction results are analyzed.The results show:when the axisymmetric flow field has a small angle deflection,the reconstruction accuracy with the corrected projection is higher than that without the corrected projection.Within 5° of deflection angle,the greater the deflection angle is,the higher the reconstruction precision is.


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