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Preparation of micro-size spherical ceria by detonation method


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Preparation of micro-size spherical ceria by detonation method
Han ZhiweiXie LifengNi OuqiLi BinChen Jiyang
School of Chemical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
detonation synthesis ceria micrometer spherical X-ray diffraction scanning electron microscope
Ceria is synthesized by detonation method with Ce(NO3)3·3H2O and RDX,ceria powder of off-white appearance is obtained.The ceria powder is characterized by X-ray diffraction(XRD)and scanning electron microscope(SEM).The effect of the content of Ce(NO3)3·3H2O in the composite explosives on the size of ceria grain is discussed.XRD patterns show that the ceria is of cubic crystal structure.The SEM pictures present that the ceria grain has regularly spherical appearance and better dispersity.The content of Ce(NO3)3·3H2O in the composite explosives has significant effect on the size of ceria grain.The higher the contents of Ce(NO3)3·3H2O in the composite explosives are,the largger the cerium oxide particles diameters are.The size of cerium oxide increases from 2.2 μm to 4.6 μm as the content of Ce(NO3)3·3H2O in the composite explosives increasing from 15% to 60%.


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