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Experimental study on strength properties of mixed lightweight soil from recycled sludge


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Experimental study on strength properties of mixed lightweight soil from recycled sludge
Sha Ling12Wang Guocai3Jin Feili3Chen Longzhu1
1.Institute of Engineering Safety and Disaster Prevention,Shanghai Jiaotong University,Shanghai 200240,China; 2.Department of Architectural Engineering,Zhejiang College of Construction,Hangzhou 311231,China; 3.Institute of Geotechnical Engineering,Zheji
sludge mixed lightweight soil strength property unconsolidated undrained triaxial test direct shear test
In order to reveal the strength properties of mixed lightweight soil,the strength properties and mechanism of mixed lightweight soil from recycled sludge are investigated experimentally,which is prepared and solidified with the engineering waste sludge as raw soil and expanded polystyrene(EPS)beads as light materials.The effects of the cement content,volume fraction,confining pressure and curing age,etc of EPS beads on their strength properties are analyzed by unconsolidated undrained triaxial test and direct shear test.The results show that the p-q curves of mixed lightweight soil are linear for different EPS beads volume fraction and cement contents,q=mp+α.The larger the EPS beads volume fraction is,the smaller the value of α is,but the value of m changes a little.The larger the cement content is,the larger the value of α is,but the value of m changes a little.At a certain stress range,the shear strength envelope curve of mixed lightweight soil is a straight line,and the shear strength is connected with the cement content,EPS beads volume fraction,confining pressure and curing age,etc.The shear strength of the samples increases with the increase of confining pressure.The cohesive force increases with the increase of cement content and decreases with the increase of EPS beads volume fraction.The longer the curing age is,the higher the strength and cohesive force of the mixed lightweight soil are.The strength development mechanism of mixed lightweight soil is similar with that of ordinary soil,and its strength can be divided into cohesive component,dilatation component and friction component.


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