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Influence of different doses of sufentanil on anesthesia and recovery in rats


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Influence of different doses of sufentanil on anesthesia and recovery in rats
Li Jinfeng1Gao Zhao1Wang Jianmin2Chen Kuijun2Zhao Zhuo1
1.School of Mechatronical Engineering,Beijing Institute of Technology,Beijing 100081,China; 2.Institute of Surgery Research,Third Military Medical University,Chongqing 400042,China
sufentanil doses anesthesia recovery rats
To compare the influence of different doses of sufentanil administrated intraperitoneally on anesthesia and recovery in rats,sixty adult SD rats are randomly divided into 5 groups(S1~S5).Rats in S1~S5 are given a single intraperitoneal injection of sufentanil 50,60,150,250 and 400 μg/kg body weight respectively.The loss of righting reflex(LRR),the duration of post-LRR ataxia and the grip time in the duration of the post-LRR ataxia are recorded,and the anesthesia depth is assessed.The data of statistics analysis show that LRR rate in S2~S5 are 100%,whereas in S1 is 83.3%.With the increase of dose administrated,the time for induction of LRR decreased,the depth of anesthesia increased,the duration of LRR and post-LRR ataxia are prolonged and the time of grip is reduced.The results demonstrate that the effect of sufentanil administrated intraperitoneally on anesthesia and recovery in rats presents dose-dependence,and sufentanil in the dose of 60~150 μg/kg provides optimal depth of anesthesia and recovery quality.


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