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Efficient way to transform 3SAT to Hamilton cycle


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Efficient way to transform 3SAT to Hamilton cycle
Du LizhiZhang Xiaolong
College of Computer Science and Technology,Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430065,China
computer algorithm Hamilton cycle 3-satisfiability problem nondeterministic polynomial time complete
In order to get the most efficient transform from 3-Satisfiability Problem(3SAT)to Hamilton cycle,this paper does this research based on the author's long time study and calculation of the Hamilton cycle.With the careful comparison and analysis of all kinds of possible graphs which can do this transform,this paper gets the final method:2 vertices to denote a variable of the 3SAT and 13 vertices to denote a clause of the 3SAT,to realize the high efficient transform from 3SAT to Hamilton cycle.The results show that this method needs the least number of vertices and edges.


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