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Attribute reduction algorithm based on rough set in incomplete interval-valued information system


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Attribute reduction algorithm based on rough set in incomplete interval-valued information system
Zeng LingHe PuyanFu Min
School of Mathematics and Computing Science,Guilin University of Electronic Technology,Guilin 541004,China
rough sets incomplete interval-valued information system tolerance relation based on similarity connection degree two-parameter assignment reduction
This paper discusses the attribute reduction in incomplete interval-valued information system.A tolerance relation based on similarity connection degree is defined and the extension of a rough set model based on this relation is proposed.By defining the two-parameter assignment reduction and identical-discrepancy-contrary discernibility matrix,a two-parameter assignment reduction algorithm based on the identical-discrepancy-contrary discernibility matrix is proposed.According to the requirements of different users and the distribution characteristics of the data set,the parameters can be dynamically adjusted to be more realistic.A numerical example is given and the effect of different parameters for reduction is investigated.


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