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Diagnosis of abnormal echocardiography based on moving window FICA and SOM


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Diagnosis of abnormal echocardiography based on moving window FICA and SOM
Yang QingchuanYang QingYao XinLiu Hongbin
School of Information Science and Engineering,Shenyang Ligong University,Shenyang 110159,China
fast independent component analysis self-organizing maps abnormal echocardiography fault classification
To deal with the problem of learning rate and convergence in online independent component analysis(FICA)algorithm,an improved fast independent component analysis algorithm with variable moving windows attached to real-time signal is presented here.This algorithm which saves storage space and computing time,can not only meet the requirements of online processing,but also do not need to consider learning rate.With the advantage of self-organizing map neural network algorithm on the dynamic classification,the combined approach based on variable moving window FICA and self-organizing maps(SOM)neural network is used to classify the abnormal echocardiography data.The experiments show that this method can effectively improve the rate and realize real-time fault classification.


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