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Reliability analysis of missile autopilot system based on dynamic fault tree


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Reliability analysis of missile autopilot system based on dynamic fault tree
Zhang Zhiying1Chen Yuqi1Zhang Hongjun12Wu Wei2
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,Tongji University,Shanghai 200092,China; 2.8th Design Department,Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology,Shanghai 201109,China
autopilot system dynamic fault tree Monte Carlo simulation reliability analysis
The reliability of the autopilot system is the key factor to determine whether the tasks of missile can be successfully completed.Due to the complexity of the system structure and dynamic characteristics of the components,traditional fault tree analysis is difficult to clearly describe the dynamic behavior of system failure mechanisms.This paper,firstly,establishes the dynamic fault tree of the autopilot system; then based on the feature of state uncertainty in the process of test and maintenance,the component is considered to be translated into repairable and non-repairable according to certain probability,so as to do reliability analysis.In the solving process,the Monte Carlo simulation method is applied to solve the dynamic sub-tree in order to avoid the disadvantages caused by Markov Chain.The result shows that Monte Carlo method is available for reliability analysis of the complex and dynamic system.


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