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Nonsingular terminal sliding mode fuzzy control for rocket launcher position servo system


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Nonsingular terminal sliding mode fuzzy control for rocket launcher position servo system
Wu YuefeiMa DaweiLe Guigao
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
alternating current servo system terminal sliding mode control fuzzy control adaptive control
A temminal sliding mode fuzzy control based on multiple sliding surfaces is proposed for uncertainties such as variation of inertia and moment in rocket launcher position servo system.The Nussbaum function is applied to compensate for uncertainties in controller and a fuzzy compensator is adopted to approximate unknown nonlinearities of the system.A nonsingular terminal sliding mode control(NTSMC)is utilized to drive the position error to converge in a finite period of time in the last step of designing.The influence of perturbation of system parameters and external disturbance on the rocket launcher position servo system can be minified.The simulation results show that the proposed approach can eliminate the chattering problem effectively and guarantee the response speed and control accuracy in comparision with traditional NTSMC,as well as possesses a strong robustness to parameter perturbation and load disturbance.


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