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Evaluation of influencing factors on firing accuracy of wheeled artillery based on stepwise regression analysis


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Evaluation of influencing factors on firing accuracy of wheeled artillery based on stepwise regression analysis
Cao NingWang XiaofengXu YadongYin Qiang
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
wheeled artillery firing accuracy stepwise regression analysis
TJ301; TJ306
The influence of various random factors on the firing accuracy of wheeled artillery is studied here using the stepwise regression analysis method,and the influence severity analysis algorithm of the random factors is established.The random factors affecting the projectile impact point are determined.The initial mean values and standard errors of exterior ballistics flight parameters of a certain wheeled artillery is given.The influence data of these factors is subsequently obtained using the uniform design method.Stepwise regression analysis is conducted using the influence data to investigate the influence of these factors on the firing accuracy of wheeled artillery.The results of the regression analysis match with the live firing phenomena,demonstrating the application and effectiveness of the proposed stepwise regression analysis method in the influencing factor evaluation on firing accuracy of the wheeled artillery.


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