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Ammunition belt links feed resistance of galting machine gun


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Ammunition belt links feed resistance of galting machine gun
Li HongqiangLiao ZhenqiangLi JiashengWu Qijun
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.China Ordnance Industry Institute 208,Beijing 102202,China
galting machine guns links feed resistance stiffness of ammunition belt wave theory links feed speed sustained firing progress
To obtain the change rule of links feed resistance in the process of firing in sequence on galting machine gun,and to know the main factors that influence links feed resistance and decrease the links feed resistance when ammunition belt moves,this paper establishes an ammunition belt dynamic model with ammunition feed at a high speed constantly to get numerical simulation on ammunition belt movement.On the basis of the study of change rule on links feed resistance with different lengths of ammunition belt and different links feed velocity,this paper concludes that the computational formula based on a wave theory cannot be applied to the change rule which describes continuous ammunition feed directly and that the ammunition belt length and links feed break-variable velocity are the dominant factors which influence links feed resistance.Some measurements are taken to reduce links feed resistance of galting machine gun.The research results provide guidence for further improvement of ammunition feed mechanism on galting machine gun.


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