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Predict on cutter wear and life in high-speed milling of pre-sintered zirconia used for denture


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Predict on cutter wear and life in high-speed milling of pre-sintered zirconia used for denture
Lei Xiaobao1Liao Wenhe2Xie Feng1Zheng Kan2Zhao Jiweng1
1.School of Electrical Engineering and Automation,Anhui University,Hefei 230601,China; 2.School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
pre-sintered zirconia high-speed milling milling cutter coated with TiAlN grey theory cutter wear cutter life forecasting model
In order to judge and predict the wear condition and wear trend of milling tool in denture machining process,a series of cutting experiments for pre-sintered zirconia is conducted to study the effect of the cutting parameters and cutting time on the tool wear in high-speed milling.A prediction model(GM(1,1))of cutter wear is introduced based on the theory of gray system after analyzing the tool wear data collected in the same time interval.The curves of the tool wear are provided at different cutter milling speeds.The cutter wearing capacity and lifetime can be forecasted based on this model,whose precision is verified after analyzing and comparing the measured value in an experiment.The prediction model can meet the demand of cutter forecast life used in high-speed milling of pre-sintered zirconia ceramic dentures and propose a way to change tools in proper time.All of these provide reliable basis to guarantee the machining quality of denture workpieces.


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