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Effectiveness analysis for lateral trajectory correction mechanism based on ballistic drift control


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Effectiveness analysis for lateral trajectory correction mechanism based on ballistic drift control
Chang Sijiang1Wang Zhongyuan1Shi Jinguang1Liu Tiezheng2
1.School of Energy and Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.Department of Military Equipment Development,Ordnance Science Institute of China,Beijing 100089,China
exterior ballistics spin-stabilized projectiles lateral trajectory ballistic drift spin brakes trajectory correction
To correct the lateral trajectory for spin-stabilized projectiles,a scheme for lateral trajectory correction by using spin brake to control the ballistic drift is discussed.The principle and application process of this scheme are introduced.The effectiveness criterion for lateral trajectory correction and two-dimensional trajectory correction model are given.Taking a type of two-dimensional trajectory correction projectile as an example,the effect of elevation angle,the time for unfolding the spin brake and the sub-scheme for discarding the spin brake on effectiveness of the scheme are investigated through theoretical analysis and numerical calculation respectively.The results indicate that this correction scheme cannot be applied to the condition of low elevation angle fire and the starting control point for lateral trajectory correction should be designed during the up leg of trajectory.The sub-scheme for discarding the spin brake is very beneficial to the flight stability of the projectile.


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