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Modeling of actuator in load simulator for servo systems


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Modeling of actuator in load simulator for servo systems
Wang Li1Qian Lingfang1Gao Qiang1Hou Yuanlong1Guo Qi2
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210014,China; 2.Wuhan Military Representative Office,General Armament Department,Wuhan 430073,China
load simulators valve-controlled motors electro-hydraulic servo system fuzzy neural network grey prediction
The modeling methods of valve-controlled motor,which is the actuator in load simulator for servo system,are studied here.Through the theoretical derivation about the torque transfer function of valve-controlled motor electro-hydraulic servo system,the mechanism modeling is obtained.The fuzzy neural network(FNN)and grey prediction theory modeling(GM)are applied to achieve the intelligent models.Simulation results of several modeling show that the mechanism modeling has bad accuracy and poor generalization ability.Subtractive clustering-based fuzzy neural network modeling and grey prediction modeling have good accuracy.However,the grey prediction theory consumes small calculated amount,and it can be used to control the dynamical loads.The research results lays the foundation to improve the accuracy of torque control in servo system load simulator.


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