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Numerical simulation of crack growth of thick wall tube of composites


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Numerical simulation of crack growth of thick wall tube of composites
Yang YuzhouQian LinfangXu YadongChen Longmiao
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
composites thick wall lubes crack initiation crack growth extended finite element method displacement vector function
TB332; O346.5
In order to improve the carrying capacity of the composite thick wall tube and get the law of the crack growth,based on the principles of linear elastic fracture mechanics(LEFM)and extended finite element method(XFEM),a steel-carbon fiber/epoxy composite tube with pre-existing crack are modeled to predict the development of the crack.The material model is implemented into ABAQUS standard finite element code.The different damage modes and the law of its crack growth along the axis and radial orientation of the composite tube are concluded.The results show that:with the same load and constraint condition,the damage of the composite tube caused by the crack initiated end part of the composite tube is more severe than the crack initiated middle part of the composite tube.


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