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Influence of dimensionless parameters on flow pattern of submerged impinging jet


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Influence of dimensionless parameters on flow pattern of submerged impinging jet
Zhao LiqingSun Jianhong
College of Aerospace Engineering,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing 210016,China
impinging jet flapping motion lattice Boltzmann method dimensionless parameter
In order to study the influence of dimensionless parameters on the flow pattern of submerged impinging jet,a submerged plane jet impinging onto a free surface is investigated based on the free energy lattice Boltzmann method for a given water depth and different Froude numbers,Reynolds numbers and Weber numbers.The flow patterns are obtained for different working conditions.Combined with the experimental data,dimensionless parameters influencing the flow pattern are studied including Froude number,Reynolds number and Weber number.Results show that for a given value of jet-exit-width,there appear to be critical Reynolds number and critical Weber number and if the Reynolds number or Weber number of jet is larger than the corresponding critical value,the jet flaps.On the other hand,the jet can be in a flapping mode if Froude number is greater than a critical value.It is suggested that the critical Froude number can be used as a critical parameter for the onset of flapping motion.


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