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Transfer matrix method for vibration measurement of cable tension considering sag


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Transfer matrix method for vibration measurement of cable tension considering sag
Liu ZhijunRui XiaotingWang GuopingYu Hailong
Institute of Launch Dynamics,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
transfer matrix method stay cable cable tension sag natural frequency
In order to improve the measurement accuracy of cable tension,this paper proposes a vibration method for cable tension measurement based on the transfer matrix method of multibody system.The cable-vibration discrete model was established on the base of the parabolic equation for static profile of stay cable developed by static analysis with the consideration of cable sag,inclination angle,self-weight and variation of cable tension along the cable.The transfer matrix method of multibody system is used to compute natural vibration frequencies of cable based on the discrete model.The characteristic equation accurately describing the relation between cable tension and natural vibration frequencies is obtained.The field measurement results are analyzed,showing that the proposed method has high computational efficiency because of low order of system matrix and can effectively satisfy the requirements for measurement accuracy of cable tension.


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