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Characteristics of elastic-plastic sub-impacts of free-free beam struk by rigid mass


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Characteristics of elastic-plastic sub-impacts of free-free beam struk by rigid mass
Kong DepingYang JunYin XiaochunShen YunianQian Pengbo
Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
rigid mass free-free beams impact force sub-impact elastic-plastic deformation finite difference method
O347.4+3; O313.4
Based on the Rayleigh theory of beams,the impact problem of a free-free beam struck horizontally by a round-nosed rigid mass is simulated by the finite difference method and the impact-separation conditions.In order to obtain the multiple impact force,a uniaxial compression elastic-plastic contact model is employed.It is found that the horizontal impact is indeed a complicated process including elastic plastic sub-impacts.There are two sub-zones of sub-impacts which are in the compression zone and the recovery zone,respectively.The second sub-zone causes the re-excitation of transient deformation of the beam.The elastic-plastic sub-impacts excite the first-order displacement response and high-order velocity responses of the beam,where the first-order displacement response is intrinsically linked to the formation of the sub-zones of sub-impacts,and the high-order velocity responses make strong influence upon the processes of sub-impacts.In addition,the transferring way of impact energy is changed obviously by sub-impacts,and a unidirectional,non-continuous,intermittent impact energy transferring model reveals.The present investigation shows that there is a complicated coupling mechanism between the elastic-plastic sub-impacts and the beam responses excited by sub-impacts.


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