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Profile error analysis of form grinding for screw rotor under artificial perturbatance


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Profile error analysis of form grinding for screw rotor under artificial perturbatance
Tao Lijia1Wang Yulin1Zhou Bin2Feng Hutian1Wang Xiaofeng1
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.Hanjiang Machine Tool Co Ltd,Hanzhong 723003,China
screw rotors profile errors form grinding
The profile accuracy of the screw rotor affects the performance of the screw compressor.To analyze the profile error of the screw rotor under form grinding,the overall rotor profile error is taken as the evaluation index,the engagement theory and the coordinate transformation between the grinding wheel and the screw rotor are considered,and then an error analysis on the screw rotor profile is proposed.To study the installation error impact on the accuracy of the screw rotor profile,the installation parameters of the grinding wheel are adjusted,and the real profile of the screw rotor under artificial disturbance is analyzed.The results show that the installation angle error of the grinding wheel and the center distance error between the grinding wheel and the rotor result in the the rotor profile variation.The axial position error of the grinding wheel also results in the rotor profile rotation.The grinding wheel installation parameters have more influence on the male rotor profile than on the female one.


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