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Numerical simulation of laser ignition process based on photoacoustic effect


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Numerical simulation of laser ignition process based on photoacoustic effect
Li Haiqing1Wang Dianrong2Zhang Xiaobing1Li Xuefei1Hazem Elsadek1 Mahmoud M Rashad1
1.School of Energy and Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.Research and Development Center,Inner Mongolia North Heavy Indnstries Group Co Ltd,Baotou 014033,China
laser ignition photoacoustic effect numerical simulation interior ballistic
To study the reaction mechanism of energy sources and energetic materials in the laser ignition process and the influence of different factors on the ignition,the simulation of the laser ignition is carried out.On the basis of the laser ignition thermal mechanisms and the photoacoustic theory,the laser ignition model of energetic materials coupling heat conduction and gas dynamic is established.The effects of different factors on the ignition processes including the laser energy,the beam radius,the reflectivity and the thermal conduction of the energetic material are simulated and calculated.The research results are helpful for optimizing the ignition parameters and increasing the reliability of the laser ignition system.


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