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Visual simulation software for multibody system dynamics based on MBDyn


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Visual simulation software for multibody system dynamics based on MBDyn
Yang Haigen1Rui Xiaoting1Liu Yixin1Zhang Jianshu1He Bin2
1.Institute of Launch Dynamics,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;
2.Mechanics Department,Nanjing University of Technology,Nanjing 211816,China
multibody systems visual simulation virtual prototype dynamics crank-slider mechanisms
TP311.52; O313.7
In order to realize the dynamics calculation of general multibody systems and the visual simulation of the results,a multibody system visual simulation software(MBDynSimCenter)is designed and implemented based on open source multibody dynamics analysis code MBDyn.Using the idea of virtual prototype,the Open Cascade modeling framework is integrated,and a preprocessor for multibody system visual modeling is realized.A calculation interface model of MBDyn solver is designed to solve multibody dynamics problems automatically.A powerful post-processor for curve drawing and animation analysis is developed.The crank-slider mechanism simulation example verifies the validity and accuracy of the software.Simulation results show that the software meets the requirements of the visual simulation of general multibody system dynamics.


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