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Distributed constraints consistency Gaussian mixture mode


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Distributed constraints consistency Gaussian mixture mode
Yu Yuecheng1Liu Caisheng2Sheng Jiagen2
1.College of Computer Science and Engineering;
2.College of Nanxu,Jiangsu University of Science and Technology,Zhenjiang 212003,China
constraints consistency Gaussian mixture model distributed clustering regularization operator
To effectively improve the clustering quality of non-spherical horizontally distributed data sets,a distributed constraints consistency Gaussian mixture mode(DCCGMM)is proposed.For the DCCGMM,the description model of the data sets is Gaussian mixture model(GMM),and the constraint information is introduced to GMM by constraints consistent regularization operators.Then,the estimated parameters of the DCCGMM reflect both the underlying probability distribution of sample data and the apriori knowledge from users,and each parameter can be estimated by a closed-form solution.The DCCGMM can be used for distributed clustering by designing the communication parameters between user sites.Experimental result shows that,compared with the distributed clustering algorithms based on K-means,the algorithm proposed here has considerable flexibility in clustering the non-spherical data sets and the clustering quality of this algorithm is better than the result of distributed expectation maximization(EM)algorithm without constraint information,and the global average clustering accuracy increases by 9%-20%.


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