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Virtual machine scheduling algorithm based on K-means clustering in cloud computing


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Virtual machine scheduling algorithm based on K-means clustering in cloud computing
Huang WeiWen ZhipingCheng Chu
School of Computer Engineering,Nanjing Institute of Technology,Nanjing 211167,China
cloud computing K-means clustering virtual machine scheduling greedy algorithm
To improve the resource utilization of cloud computing data centers and optimize virtual machines dynamically,a virtual machine scheduling algorithm is proposed based on K-means clustering.The correlation of virtual machine resource allocation is used as the standard of clustering,and a virtual machine is placed on the physical node complementary to it on resource,so that its resource is used fully and it is effective and stable.An online scheduling algorithm is designed to handle the requirements of new virtual machines.A greedy algorithm is proposed,and the upper bound of the competitive ratio between it and the optimal offline algorithm is given.The correctness of this algorithm is verified based on the experimental results of real data sets.


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