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Dynamic full repairing of coverage holes in wireless sensor networks


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Dynamic full repairing of coverage holes in wireless sensor networks
Zhang ShengfengXu ZhiliangWu XiaobeiHuang Cheng
School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
wireless sensor networks coverage holes dynamic full repairing mobile nodes
To improve the operation quality of wireless sensor networks,a dynamic repairing method is proposed aiming at their coverage hole problem.Using the mobility of the mobile nodes,the Voronoi diagram principle is taken to determine the networks' boundary nodes,and the coverage holes are repaired fully and dynamically according to the boundary arcs.Based on the model of the coverage holes,the concept of boundary arc is defined,and the best locations are found to deploy the mobile nodes by using the geometric method.The algorithm takes fully account of the situation that the redundancy of the new repaired node is too high.The simulation results show that the algorithm has relatively better stability and dynamic adaptability,and that it can ensure the full repairing of coverage holes,improve the utilization of the adding nodes and decrease the redundancy of the restored networks.


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