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Research and design of network architecture for cyberspace


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Research and design of network architecture for cyberspace
Zhou WeiZhang HongLi QianmuGuo Ping
School of Computer Science and Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
cyberspace networks multi-layer architecture protocol model Cybernodes
To solve the problem of network architecture design of cyberspace,a cyberspace protocol model supporting multi-layer architecture is studied.Through analyzing the basic architecture of open networks,network synthesis and self-management architecture,the interface and the network level supporting network modular functionality are realized by using the interfaces between different layers of the protocol model.The communication qualities and safeties of all kinds of cybernodes are realized by enhancing the whole-area apperception,reach and control abilities.Comparison results show that the model proposed here simplifies the access service mode between levels,makes the layer functions easy to be updated,and reduces the possible cost of communication.


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