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Fault diagnosis method of conveyor based on ontology


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Fault diagnosis method of conveyor based on ontology
Peng Haizai
Logistics Engineering College,Shanghai Maritime University,Shanghai 201306,China
ontology conveyors fault diagnosis fault parking emergency shutdown
Aiming at ordinary conveyor belt faults,a new fault diagnosis method based on ontology is proposed considering the special working environments of conveyors and the particularity of conveyor belts as fault diagnosis objects.A framework of a three-layer model for revealing the fault diagnosis knowledge of conveyors is constructed,and the conveyors' stall,wandering and damages are showed by using ontology.A unit fault knowledge base is established with the connections of the three familiar diagnoses to the unit such as conveyor belt which is easy to go wrong,and the existing knowledge is used for fault diagnosis.A steel cord conveyor of a coal relay wharf coal conveying system is tested for diagnosis.The results show that the fault diagnosis method proposed here overcomes the deficiencies of traditional diagnosis methods and improves the accuracy of fault diagnosis and decreases the incidence of fault parking and emergency shutdown accidents of the conveying system to 76%.


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