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Low-frequency band gap performance for Lamb waves in quasi-one-dimensional phononic crystal


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Low-frequency band gap performance for Lamb waves in quasi-one-dimensional phononic crystal
Ding Hongxing12Dai Lili2Shen Zhonghua1Lu Jian1Ni Xiaowu1
1.School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;
2.Department of Physics,Lianyungang Teachers College,Lianyungang 222006,China
Lamb waves phononic crystal low-frequency band gaps super cell plane wave expansion method finite element method
To optimize the band gap structure of Lamb waves in one-dimensional(1D)phononic crystal(PC)thin plates,quasi-1D PC thin plates are established by embedding a row of air holes periodically in the matrix components in one side of the plate.The effects of the holes' radii on the band gap of the quasi-1D PC thin plates are calculated by using the super cell plane wave expansion method and finite element method.The disturbance effects of the embedded air scatterers on the displacement field of the eigenmodes are analyzed.The optimizion of air column scatterers on this phononic crystal Lamb wave band gap structure is researched.The results show that with the increase of the radii of the air holes,the coupling between the same lower-order mode Lamb waves is enhanced significantly,the number and bandwidths of the band gaps are increased significantly too,and the occupation ratio of the forbidden gaps in the 0-4 MHz low frequency range is about 70%.


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