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Acoustic wave in two corotating vortices pairing


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Acoustic wave in two corotating vortices pairing
Zhang HuanhaoChen ZhihuaHuang ZhenguiJiang Xiaohai
National Key Laboratory of Transient Physics,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
aeroacoustics vortex pairing acoustic wave large eddy simulation hybrid weight essentially non-oscillatory scheme
To investigate the basic physics of acoustic wave generation in common unsteady flows,the dynamics flow and acoustic field produced by the coalescing of two corotating vortices in the shear flow are simulated based on the high order hybrid weight essentially non-oscillatory(WENO)scheme and large-eddy simulation(LES).The results reveal the pairing process of two corotating vortices,and show the generating mechanism of the rotating quadrupole source during vortex pairing.The numerical results agree well with the previous investigations.The acoustic field of a mixing layer is simulated,and the vortex pairing process of the mixing layer is shown.The results show that the acoustic wave generated by the vortex pairing dominates the whole acoustic field of the shear layer,and the pairing process completes during one half cycle.


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