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Floating unit location scheme of multi-body floating platforms


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Floating unit location scheme of multi-body floating platforms
Li KexiangZhang HeMa Shaojie
Ministerial Key Laboratory of ZNDY,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
multi-body floating platforms floating units hydrodynamic interaction three-dimension potential flow theory Green's function method
In order to research the law of hydrodynamic interaction between floating units in multi-body floating systems,a calculation model considering the influences of gaps and the relative orientation of floating units simultaneously is proposed by using the three-dimension(3D)potential flow theory and the Green's function method.The definite conditions of the potential flow problem of flow fields are established,and the total velocity potentials are calculated.The surface panel method is introduced to discrete grids,and the resultant force on any floating body from flow field is obtained by numerical calculation.A simplified model is proposed,and the law of hydrodynamic coefficients affected by angles and gaps is obtained.When the floating unit's gap is small,the angle makes great influence on hydrodynamic coefficients,besides there is an optimum angle.As the floating unit's gap is large,the influence made by the angle on the hydrodynamic coefficients is not significant any more,while the phase relationship of the gap and wave appears remarkable.


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