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Structural damage characteristics of typical electric detonators in air gun tests


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Structural damage characteristics of typical electric detonators in air gun tests
Sun Xiaoxia12Shen Ruiqi1Liu Wei1Ye Yinghua1Hu Yan1
1.School of Chemical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;
2.Liaoning North Huafeng Special Chemical Co.,Ltd.,Fushun 113003,China
air guns one leg bridgewire electric detonators structure damages high overloads X-ray perspective instruments
In order to use an air gun to evaluate the anti-overload capacities of initiating explosive devices,investigate the influences of bullet structures on overload environments,obtain the structural damage characteristics of typical electric detonators under high overloads,air gun tests and numerical simulations are conducted.A one leg bridge wire electric detonator is loaded in the axial output direction,and the bullet structure of the air gun is designed.At the bullets' speed of 60 m/s,the influences of the detonator positions in the bullets and with or without a free moving filler block behind the detonators on the damages of the detonators during the processes of the bullets dynamic impact a steel target are researched by means of visual inspection,dimension and resistance measurement and internal structure non-destructive detection of a X-ray perspective instrument.The results show that the damages include electrode plug moving inward,explosive column compression,shell local deformation,shell length decrease and shell diameter increase.The change values and rates of detonator dimensions and resistances have little difference in the tests of three kinds of bullets.The change curves of detonator dimensions have similar shapes and almost equal values in the simulation of the three kinds of bullets.The simulation results agree well with the experimental results.The conditions that the detonator placed in the middle or bottom of the bullet and with or without a free moving filler block behind the detonator have no significant influence on the shock damages.


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