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Experimental study on high-g inertia switch for penetration fuze


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Experimental study on high-g inertia switch for penetration fuze
Zhang Jianxin12Cheng Xiang1Zhang He1
1.ZNDY of Ministerial Key Laboratory,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;
2.North General Electronics Group Co.,Ltd.,Suzhou 215163,China
penetration fuzes inertia switchs spring vibrators burst point control
To solve the problems of controlling the burst behind targets and adaptive burst points by detonating fuzes of penetrating warheads,a new method is proposed.The contact close signals obtained from inertia switches with redundance spring oscillator structure are used as the perception signals of controllers.Based on the mathematical model analysis of spring oscillator systems,the relationship between the movement trajectories of the mass blocks and the acceleration pulse is summarized under the condition of half positive sine pulse acceleration signals.An inertia switch is designed,which can perceive the state of projectile bodies in the processes of penetration,and the kinematic simulation analysis is performed by using ADAMS.Experiments of ammunitions penetrating monolayer and multilayer concrete targets are carried out using the inertia switches designed here.The acceleration signals and corresponding state signals of inertia switches during the process of penetration are collected.Experimental results show that the inertia switch designed here can reliably perceive the information of projectile bodies penetrating into and passing through the targets,which can be the control basis of the redundance burst points of fuzes and improve the burst reliability.


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