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AMT gearshift system based on direct-drive technology


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AMT gearshift system based on direct-drive technology
Chang SiqinLin ShusenLi Bo
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
direct-drive automated mechanical transmissions two-degree-of-freedom electromagnetic actuators gearshift time
In order to reduce the gearshift time of automated mechanical transmissions(AMT),a new type of AMT gearshift system based on direct-drive technology is developed with the key component of a two-degree-of-freedom(2-DOF)electromagnetic actuator.The structure and working principle of the actuator is described.A coupling system model including electric circuit,magnetic circuit and mechanical subsystem is built.From the aspects of the application of high performance actuator,the method of gearshift sectional control,the rule of shift force and coordinated control of gearshift,the feasibility of reducing gearshift time is analyzed while good shift quality is assured.Test bench is built and tests are carried out to analyze the result of AMT gearshift system based on direct-drive technology reducing gearshift time.Experimental results prove that the system proposed here can reduce gearshift time while good shift quality is guaranteed.


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