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Optimization design of fracture groove for automobile accelerator pedal arm based on FEM


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Optimization design of fracture groove for automobile accelerator pedal arm based on FEM
Liu Rongxian1Wu Huajie2Qin Yongfa3Cui Shouzhi1
1.Automotive Engineering Experimental Plant,Yangzhou University,Yangzhou 225009,China;
2.Yangzhou Polytechnic Institute,Yangzhou 225127,China;
3.School of Mechanical Engineering,Yangzhou University,Yangzhou 225127,China
automobiles accelerator pedals fracture grooves finite element method
Aiming at the problem of building a fracture groove on an automobile accelerator pedal arm,a method based on finite element method(FEM)is put forward to determine the fracture groove's position,shape,size and other parameters.A pedal arm without fracture groove is analyzed by using the FEM,and the exact location of the maximum stress on the pedal arm is found.The fracture grooves with different parameters are built in the product model,the suitable shape and size of the fracture groove is determined by comparison.According to the given parameters,a sample piece is produced and experimentally verified.The analysis and experiments show that building a fracture groove of suitable shape and size in the maximum stress location of the pedal arm can meet the practical requirement and specific safety codes.


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