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Forecasting model of engine life on wing based on LS-SVM and Bayesian inference


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Forecasting model of engine life on wing based on LS-SVM and Bayesian inference
Wang YeZuo HongfuCai JingRong Xiang
College of Civil Aviation,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,Nanjing 210016,China
Bayesian inference least squares support vector machine engine life on wing prediction
V235; V37
To resolve the problem of engine life forecasting accuracy,a nonlinear forecasting model for engine life on wing is established by applying Bayesian inference to the choices of model parameters of least squares support vector machine(LS-SVM).The performance parameters affecting engine life on wing are analyzed,a forecasting model training set for machine study is established,and a forecasting model of engine life on wing is established based on the LS-SVM.The LS-SVM model is optimized by using Bayesian inference,and the best modeling parameters are obtained.The engine life on wing is forecasted by using a data set training model of a certain engine life on wing.Compared with several common algorithms,the forecasting accuracies of the model proposed here increase by 4.58%-9.51%,which solves the problem of forecasting of small samples,and performs well in generalization ability and forecasting precision.


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