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Properties of repeatedly recycled coarse aggregate for structural concrete


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Properties of repeatedly recycled coarse aggregate for structural concrete
Zhu PinghuaWang XinjieWu JunyongChen Chunhong
Department of Civil Engineering,Changzhou University,Changzhou 213164,China
structural concrete recycled concrete coarse aggregate apparent density bulk density water absorption ratio
To evaluate the feasibility of using the repeatedly recycled concrete as the coarse aggregate for structural concrete,the properties of recycled coarse aggregate prepared by recirculation of five series of natural aggregate concrete mixtures are researched.Their mineral and chemical compositions are analyzed,and the experimental results are graded according to different quality grade standards of coarse aggregate.The results show:with the increase of the recycling number,the apparent density,bulk density and water absorption ratio of the recycled coarse aggregate reduce,and the mass fraction of the attached mortar content and powder content and the crushing value increase.The performance indexes of the second repeatedly recycled coarse aggregate are steady.The mass fraction of CaO increases 49.7%,the mass fractions of Al2O3 and SiO2 decrease 33.90% and 9.78%,which satisfy the performance requirements of coarse aggregate for structural concrete of RILEM,BS standard of the United Kingdom and GB/T 25177-2010.


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