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Inferences of human resources and capital investment on development of manufacturing industry


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Inferences of human resources and capital investment on development of manufacturing industry
Wang Weiming1Sun Jianping1Chen Hao2
1.School of Economics and Management;
2.Institute of Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
manufacturing industry human resources capital investment stochastic frontier analysis innovation efficiency
To research the inferences of human resources and capital investment on improving enterprises' innovation efficiencies,the innovation efficiency of Chinese regional industry is investigated by using the improved stochastic frontier analysis function and the index data of 28 provinces over the periods 2005-2009.The results show that the human resources output elastic coefficient decreases and the capital output elastic coefficient increases,which reflects the situation that the human resources investment is relatively superfluous,and the capital investment is relatively insufficient.Taking Hebei province as an example,compared with the developed areas,the human resources output elastic coefficient is higher and the capital output elastic coefficient is lower.The result shows that if a province wants to improve its innovation efficiency,it should strengthen the reasonable distribution of funds besides avoiding the waste of talents and funds.


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