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Network security optimal attack and defense decision-making method based on game model


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Network security optimal attack and defense decision-making method based on game model
Liu GangZhang HongLi Qianmu
School of Computer Science and Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
network security risk management state attack-defense graph game theory optimal decision-making
To effectively implement the network security risk management and reduce the security risk loss,based on the game theory,this paper designs a network security optimal attack and defense decision-making method through the analysis of interactions between the attacker and the defender.According to the network's topology information,reachable relationship of nodes and vulnerability information,the proposed method generates the network state attack-defense graph(SADG),calculates the successful probability and hazard index of each atomic attack in the SADG and gets the successful probability and hazard index of all possible attack paths.The method calculates the utility matrix of different strategies taken by the attacker and the defender at the different network security states.According to the SADG and based on the non-cooperative non-zero-sum game model,this paper proposes an optimal attack and defense decision-making algorithm,and generates optimal attack and defense strategies with the prevention and control measures of vulnerability.This paper analyzes the application of the proposed method in the network security risk management through a typical network example.The experimental results show that this method can effectively generate the optimal offensive and defensive decision.


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