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Path following controller for mobile robots based on neural network backstepping


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Path following controller for mobile robots based on neural network backstepping
Jia Heming1Song Wenlong1Chen Ziyin2Yang Xin1Duan Haiqing2
1.College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering,Northeast Forestry University,Harbin 150040,China; 2.College of Automation,Harbin Engineering University,Harbin 150001,China
wheeled mobile robot path following control neural network backstepping
In order to implement the path following control of wheeled mobile robot with non-holonomic constraint,a backstepping method is designed based on feedback gain technique.Through the tuning of the controller's parameters,the nonlinear terms in error dynamic robot model can be eliminated,and the form of designed controller can be much simpler.Neural network is adopted to compensate the model uncertainties.An adaptive robust controller is designed to compensate the estimated error of neural network on-line,and the learning performance of neural network can be optimized.The simulation results illustrate that the parameters of controller are easy to be adjusted,and can make wheeled mobile robot track the desired arbitrary path precisely.


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