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Robust control of nonlinear systems with input constraint based on disturbance observer


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Robust control of nonlinear systems with input constraint based on disturbance observer
Zhou YanlongChen Mou
College of Automation Engineering,Nanjing University of Aeronautic and Astronautic, Nanjing 210016,China
disturbance observer nonlinear systems input saturation backstepping approach dynamic surface method
An effective control method in the control design for a near space vehicle(NSV)is proposed to deal with the input saturation and unknown external disturbance for a class of single-input and single-output(SISO)nonlinear system.The special properties of a hyperbolic tangent function and a Nussbaum function are used to handle the input saturation.A disturbance observer is designed to approximate the composite disturbance.Considering the problems of the calculation of expansion and the smoothness of virtual control signals,a corresponding controller is designed combining the backstepping approach and the dynamic surface method.It is proved with the Lyapunov analysis that the proposed control scheme can guarantee that all signals of the closed-loop system are semiglobally,uniformly and ultimately bounded.The tracking error and observer error are ultimately bounded.Simulation results show the effectiveness of the method proposed here.


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