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Structural optimization for manipulator with interval uncertainties


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Structural optimization for manipulator with interval uncertainties
Shi Haijun12Qian Linfang1Xu Yadong1Chen Longmiao1
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.Intelligent Electrical Equipment R&D Centre,Nanjing Nanrui Group Co.Ltd.,Nanjing 211100,China
multi-objective optimization interval uncertainty quantum-inspired evolutionary structural optimization
THH122; TP18
To solve the structural optimization problem of heavy-load manipulator with parameter uncertainties,this paper presents a performance optimization technique based on interval uncertainty analysis and a quantum-inspired evolutionary algorithm.In the proposed approach,the parameter perturbations are mapped from variation space into objective and constraint space,and the sensitivity regions of objective and constraints are estimated.The performance optimization index as an additional constraint of original optimization problem can be determined.Combining the given performance degradation threshold an outer-inner structure is formed.An improved double chains quantum evolutionary algorithm is employed to improve the convergence rate and the results of the conventional evolutionary algorithm.Computer simulation shows both the robustness of the structure in the case of structure parameter perturbation and the purpose of weight reduction can be achieved,providing an approach to solve the complex engineering structural optimization problems with parameter uncertainties effectively.


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