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Application of diamond-like carbon in automobile parts


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Application of diamond-like carbon in automobile parts
Zhang ErgengZhang Tibo
School of Mechanical Engineering,Shanghai Institute of Technology,Shanghai 201418,China
diamond-like carbon friction pairs frictional wear lubrication dry friction automobile parts friction coefficient physical vapor deposition
TH133.33; TH117.1
Diamond-like carbon(DLC)films are successfully deposited on high-speed steel substrate(HRC65)and automobile piston pin by RF/DC pulse technology using A-C:H(acetylene)as the raw gas.The microstructure of DLC coating are investigated by laser Roman spectrometer.The friction coefficient and the anti-wear life of different friction pairs under dry friction and lubrication environment are examined on friction and wear testing machine.The surface morphology of the automobile piston pin before and after running is observed by optical microscope.The preparation of DLC on automobile piston pin is very much smooth and has small friction coefficient.The hardness difference of the friction pairs has a great influence on the antiwear life,but lubricant can offset this effect.After the diamond-like carbon works for a certain time,its surface roughness reduces and its antiwear life of friction increases.The result shows that the DLC is a preferred coating for automobile parts to be resistant to wear due to polishing lubrication and that the life of the piston pin with DLC is 4.5 times higher than that without coating.The DLC can be used as a protective coating of automobile parts surface in the future.


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