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MMW Radiometric image enhancement based on visual saliency analysis


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MMW Radiometric image enhancement based on visual saliency analysis
Lu Xuan1Xiao Zelong1Hu Taiyang2Li Jie1Xu Jianzhong1
1.School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.China Academy of Space Technology(Xi'an),Xi'an 710100,China
concealed contraband detection millimeter-wave radiometric image image enhancement visual saliency adaptive threshold segmentation
In order to improve the intelligibility of radiometric millimeter-wave(MMW)image of concealed weapon with low resolution,an image enhancement method based on visual saliency analysis is proposed.According to the principle of the visual saliency analysis,the model IG is selected for its suitability for MMW radiometric image enhancement.The image is filtered in frequency domain.The cutoff frequency is designed to reserve target boundaries and reduce noise and the texture in target region.The saliency map of the filtered image is calculated in Lab color feature space and considered as the enhancing result.Compared with the original image,the target region becomes prominent and the background is suppressed in the enhanced image.Moreover,the target region and outline can be obtained via adaptive threshold segmentation on the saliency map.Using the proposed method to enhance the MMW radiometric image of concealed weapon,the experimental result demonstrates better performances in both respects of subjective vision and objective criteria than the common methods.


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