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Application of improved fractal model for electromagnetic scattering from sea surface


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Application of improved fractal model for electromagnetic scattering from sea surface
Chen Yu1Hu Yunan2Lin Tao2Wang Hongwei2
1.The 91213st Unit of PLA,Yantai 264001,China; 2.Department of Control Engineering, Naval Aeronautical and Astronautical University,Yantai 264001,China
fractal model Longuet-Higgin model electromagnetic scattering Kirchhoff approximation
Aiming at the problem that the ominidirectional sea-wave spectrum of fractal sea-wave model can not satisfy the positive power law when spatial wave numbers are smaller than the fundamental wave number,a 2-D sea surface model is proposed by combining statistical sea surface model and normalization band-limited Weierstrass-Mandelbrot(WM)fractal sea surface model.With the proposed method,the closed form expression of the directional sea-wave spectrum is calculated.Scattering coefficients and scattering intensity coefficients of the improved sea surface model based on the Kirchhoff approximation are derived.Simulation results show that omnidirectional sea-wave spectrum is in good agreement with the common spectrum of Pierson-Moskowitz(PM)and the real data of the South China Sea.This proves the validity of the improved model,and the fractal characteristics of sea surface is also well represented in the scattering signal.


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