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Time delay estimation based on adaptive filtering and cepstrum analysis method


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Time delay estimation based on adaptive filtering and cepstrum analysis method
Liang GuolongZhang YaoFu Jin
National Laboratory of Underwater Acoustic Technology,Harbin Engineering University,Harbin 150001,China
delay estimation cepstrum channel estimation adaptive Notch filtering envelop modification
In order to strengthen its anti-noise performance when using cepstrum to estimate the multipath time-delay of narrowband signals,a pre-processing method by adaptive Notch filtering and envelop modification is proposed based on the adaptive filtering.This method improves the signal-to-noise ratio(SNR)by adaptive Notch filtering,modifies its envelope and preserves the time-delay information.Simulation results show that this method can improve the SNR effectively and do not destroy the delay component.The channel information can be extracted effectively in combination with the cepstrum method.


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