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Ignition characteristic of pills for display shell with typical solid materials


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Ignition characteristic of pills for display shell with typical solid materials
Chen Tao1Zhao Lizeng1Lin Xiangyang2Xia Jianjun1Wang Xin1 Fu Xuecheng1Pan Renming2
1.Tianjin Fire Research Institute,China's Ministry of Public Security,Tianjin 300381,China; 2.School of Chemical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
display shell pills burning temperature ignition characteristic infrared thermograph
TJ55; TJ450.6; X932
The burning temperature of pills for display shell is measured by thermocouple infrared thermograph and temperature measure system.The ignition characteristic of pills for display shell on typical solid materials is investigated with simulating emission apparatus and ignition test device.The results show that the highest temperature of 10 mm(in diameter)burning pills is up to 1 461 ℃,and the burning time is about 2~3 s.The pill's temperature is about 995 ℃ after being emitted and flying 32 m.All of the solid samples can be ignited by burning pills in special ignition condition.The pill's ignition criterion and the character diameters for solid materials are gained by experimental research and theoretical calculation.The research results are helpful to evaluate the fire risk when the display shell is displayed.


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